Sensational Life Project

We all have a Sensational Life 

slp5 croppedRight now, there is a lot of emotion and sensation going on in the world, so it’s time to restore The Sensational Life Project to give some space to naming those sensations and how they impact us.
I originally created the site back in 2014, but the workflow of people posting/sharing getting it to look nice with pictures etc was clunky. Theses days with social media groups and hashtags I think it will be easier #sensationallifeproject.


What is the Sensational Life Project?

At the Sensational Life Project we want to give everyone the space to be sensational.

To be sensational in the sense that they are able to take control of themselves, their lives, their experiences and be truly sensational (excel) in everything they do.

To be sensational in the sense that they live in their physical sensations and not in the negative emotions that they have learnt over time.

To be sensational in the sense that they are fully present in every moment of their lives, recognizing and celebrating how the feel (through physical sensation rather than emotion)


Do you want to live a sensational life?

The SensationalLifeProject Challenge

This is your opportunity to be sensational for the next 30 days (and beyond)

All you need to do is contact us (using the form below) and request a login, along with the focus of where you will be recognizing your sensations. (It can be anything, interactions with friends, with strangers, the things you love or hate at work, where you struggle in your business, even if you have something physical going on, recovery from an accident, an operation etc, or just whatever you spot)
These details will be used to create your login and send you an optional survey before and after your 30 days.

All you will need to do each day, is write a sensational post each day for 30 days.

” I had a moment when (I was doing xyz) that I felt………”


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