Mobile App

iPhone – Download from iTunes

Android – Download from Google Play


Images from Andriod Image from iPhone
WP-APP- Home Sceen  Once you have downloaded the and opened the app you need to click ‘Add Self hosted site’
This will give you an addition field on the login screen
WP-APP- Login  Fill out the login details (as provide to you by email)and then ‘Sign In’  Same
 Was not seen on andriod in testing  If you see this SKIP IT, (option bottom right)
Jetpack signin , (you do not need to do this)
WP-APP- Posts tab   Click on the menu (top left) and select Posts – This will open the post screen  iWP_Menu
WP-APP- Post Screen  Enter your title and content – Then Click Post settings / Options button  iWP_newpost
WP-APP- Post Settings  You need to select ‘ Pending Review’ (otherwise it will only save as a local draft)And you can select categories (that relate to your post)  iWP_Status
WP-APP- Categories  Selecting categories (use the back button to go back to the post screen)  iWP_Cats
  Save (android) / Publish (iphone) the post, and it will be submitted for review  iWP_newpost
WP-APP- Pending Post   Your post will be displayed as ‘Pending Review’ until we review and publish it.If we require any edits it will be returned to a status of ‘Draft’  iWP_Postlist