Creating a new Post (Posting a new frame)

Login in to

Click on Posts then the ‘Add New’ button at the top
or the ‘Add new’ in the left hand navigation.

Once the new post is open
Enter the Post title

This can be either the situation
ie            When I was messaging friends.
or part of the sensation

Ie         The cold that seeps into your skin

Enter the Post Description

(see types of Frames – )

Adding Images to the description
You can also add an image that represents the sensations (or part of it) using the ‘Add Media’ Button (Please only use images that are already in the Library, unless you own the copyright on an image, and ensure they are no more the 150×150 pixels before uploading)

Before adding an image have the flashing cursor at the beginning of your text, and then use the ‘right’ alignment option in the ‘Attachment Display Settings’ on the right hand side.

Selecting Categories

Always tick ‘Frame’ and select any others that match your sensation.

(This list will grow over time, if you require a new category email )

Submit for Review

Once your post is complete, with images, and categories simply click the ‘submit for review’ button