Sensational Life Project

Saying Thank You

When someone posts a sensational frame on SLP they are giving you the chance to see them, to see how their body reacts to situations without them being caught up in emotion.

This is a very venerable thing to do.

Therefore we can all help by acknowledging their vulnerability and ‘saying thank you for sharing’. (by using the thumbs up button under each post)

Getting into a warm bath

There was a moment (as I slid into a warm scented bath) that I felt I was being wrapped into a warm caressing cosy blanket and the water took the weight of my achy legs as they floated in the warmth.

After working through a huge piece of casework

There was a moment today as I was walking home when I thought back over the afternoon’s work and realised that having got a huge piece of casework done the corners of my mouth like they were turned up just that little bit and I felt taller.

When I received an order….

There was a moment at the weekend when I received a multiple order for my handmade crafts when I felt a spreading feeling of warmth inside, a smile forced itself onto my face, when I felt like I grew taller as I sat up tall, my heart rate seemed to quicken and small fairies danced in my tummy and my hands tightened into fists and punched the air!

Hands around my neck

There was a moment today when I was rejected after another job assessment centre that invisible hands slowly squeezed around my neck and acid lingered in my throat.

Black sludge filled my the flesh

black sludge 200There was a moment yesterday when I completely failed a video interview that thick black sludge filled my the flesh to the brim and curled in the pit of my stomach.

Electric sparks, poking fingers and hugging heat

There was a moment today after reading a job description (that looked like it was made for me) that electric sparks ignited from my core and skittered down my arms and legs. Fingers poked my my eyebrows upward, air gasped into my lungs as if a vacuum sucked it in and a heat hugged my heart making it beat faster.

A layer of fluff and detaching consciousness

There was a moment a few days ago when sitting on a train after a long day at a job assessment centre that a layer of fluff consumed me dulling the noise of everything and I saw myself leaning against the window as if my consciousness detached from my body.

When I felt everything was out of control

There was a moment today when I felt what I would describe as panicky which I would describe physically as dizziness, nausea, a tight gripping sensation in my chest and sweaty. Even harder to describe is the feeling that my mind was literally racing ahead of my body’s physical capabilities.

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