Posting by email (is easy to do once set up)


The setup is best done from a a PC/Mac in a web browser, or on a table using ‘display desktop site’

Creating a post by email

This whole process only takes 1-2 mins, to create and activate the account and send your first email.

Sign up for post by email

This only needs to be done once:
Login in to

Go to your profile and scroll down to ‘Post by Email’


Click ‘Link account with’

 Authorise Jetpack to use your account (or create one)

Either enter your login (if you have one) and Authorise Jetpack


Click ‘Need an account’


If you have used ‘Authorize Jetpack’ you can skip to the next section

If creating a account the screen will be populated with the email you used to register for SensationalLifeProject and a suggested username
If you are happy with these simply enter a password and Sign up (if not then amend them then enter a password and sign up)



Confirmation Screen


Email confirmation

Ensure you click the link in the email you receive from



Now authorise Jetpack



Enable post by email

Once Jetpack is connected you need to enable ‘post by email’ and will give you a private email address you can send your posts to, for them to be automatically submitted.



Sending an post by email

Know your private email address


Create an email

Sent to : {Your private wp email address}
Subject : {Your Post Title}
Email Body : {Your post text, and nothing but your post text, please delete email signatures}




Send this email and it will automatically be added to your list of posts and submitted for review, you do not need to do anything other than send it.

Your post will be submitted for review