Pulsing expansion

Bladder feeling full, sensation of pulsing expansion just below my stomach.

Oozing Baileys

It feels like warm Baileys cream liqueur is oozing gently over my stomach which is full after a big pizza

Tiny little hooks are gently pulling

I didn’t warm up properly when I went dancing and have a sensation of warm but aching thighs which feel like tiny little hooks are gently pulling on the muscles

Knee throb

I’ve a dull throbbing in my knees. It’s warm, and slightly uncomfortable.

Temple pull

Feeling a strain across my forehead like it is being pulled from the back of the temples

Squeezing abdomen

Gentle squeezing feeling in my abdomen which is lightly tingling


My stomach feels as though is gently blowing up. My head feels as though it is softly lifting off from my body

Subtle stabbing

I have subtle and dull stabbing sensation across my forehead like somebody is gently poking a pen into me