I felt my body heat up

There was a moment today (when someone gave me another set of mixed signals) that I felt my body heat up in frustration and anger.

Spikes through my heart

I was having a conversation with a friend at lunchtime and felt spikes through my heart at several points.


There was a moment today when I danced like nobody was watching. It felt liberating and I felt my body full of buzzing energy.

Buzzing feet

For some time now I feel that at some points in the day I feel a warm buzzing feeling in the soles of my feet.

Left side

There was a moment today where I could feel warm liquid coming over the left side of my body and into my left arm and just circulate there without going to the right side.

On the way to recovery?

Today I shared a recent health diagnose with someone else and they said they had the same thing for years and were recovered. When reading this, and thinking it a possibility, I felt a whooshing sensation go all over my body (relief) and a slight tightness in the heart (fear).


Matters of the heart

There was a moment today when after reading a text, my heart expanded with love and gratitude.


There were several moments today when I felt my whole body buzzing (with excitement at future projects and small achievements.)

From day to night

squirting bubble 200I could not be feeling more different from this morning right now.

My body has bubbly energy cursing throughout and I have a huge smile on my face.

I am grateful for today, with both the pain and the bubbles.