Getting into a warm bath

There was a moment (as I slid into a warm scented bath) that I felt I was being wrapped into a warm caressing cosy blanket and the water took the weight of my achy legs as they floated in the warmth.

When I felt everything was out of control

There was a moment today when I felt what I would describe as panicky which I would describe physically as dizziness, nausea, a tight gripping sensation in my chest and sweaty. Even harder to describe is the feeling that my mind was literally racing ahead of my body’s physical capabilities.

Tiny little hooks are gently pulling

I didn’t warm up properly when I went dancing and have a sensation of warm but aching thighs which feel like tiny little hooks are gently pulling on the muscles

Burning cold energy and electric butterflies

buttterflies 200There was a moment today when I was stretching after a very intense workout that liquid energy, both burning hot yet icy cold, rushed through my veins and took away my breath leaving my brain buzzing with electric butterflies and the world a blurry rush of colour.

A taste in my nose

noseThere was a moment yesterday, or the day before, when I bent down to pick something up that I got a strange pungent taste (yes taste, not smell) in the back of my nose.
This morning I woke up all blocked up and full of a cold.

Need to be more aware of my own body

There was a moment this morning that I felt a sharp tenderness along my left arm, it was only then that I realised I had felt the same on and off for the last few days. It’s just a bruise (i think), but no idea where it came from.

Having left to walk to the station

There was a moment this morning (having left to walk to the station) when I felt a swell of nausea sweep over me, my head felt like someone had taken grip of it on the front left and were twisting it, wringing it like a piece of laundry, my chest felt tight and my muscles tense and achy.

When I caught the lurgy

There was a moment (when I caught the lurgy) when there was a heaviness pushing down on my forehead & cheeks.

There was also occasional moments when I felt a wave travel up into my whole head, causing it to tingle & my ears to momentarily sound as those I was underwater

Ants under my skin

ant_background 200There was a moment (well lots of them in the last few weeks, but this one was yesterday morning) when it felt like I had ants under the skin on both my shins and I just wanted to scratch the skin off to let them out.