Steve Wells

Feeling sick and almost choking

creeping vine 200There was a moment today (after having a conversation I have been avoiding and putting off) that I felt warm sick sensation from my stomach to my adam’s apple where it circled and squeezed my throat like a climbing vine.

The Drive Home #sensationalchristmas

cones 200There was a moment (as I approached the roadworks on the M1 and the traffic started to slow) that I felt my whole body settle, it relaxed rather than tensing at the thought of having to slow down.

Before the Drive #sensationalchristmas

iciccles 200There was a moment (when I should have already been on the road to drive to my mum’s for Christmas) that I felt tension in my chest, once I acknowledge it, knowing that I had plenty of time and there was no rush, I felt it dripping away like icicles melting

The Christmas Shopping Sensation

presents v2 200Christmas shopping is a great time to practice acknowledging your sensations (and in the process be more present about your Christmas presents)

Some people love Christmas shopping some people hate it, but what is your body telling you when you are out shopping?

  • How do you pick a present?

I talk lots about the warm fuzzy feeling people get when they do something nice for someone else.
So take a little time to notice how you feel when you see that thing that someone will love.

  • Hustle and bustle.

Are you feeling the joy all around or the tension and agitation.


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Loud music on a bus

There was a moment (while sitting in the bus with someone with their headphones off and music turned up) that I felt a violent boiling tension on my chest and throat.

Warm tingly pulses

There was a moment (while sitting quietly waiting) that I felt warm tingly pulses running up my arms and bidy , culminating in crackling bubbles on my forehead and nose.

A taste in my nose

noseThere was a moment yesterday, or the day before, when I bent down to pick something up that I got a strange pungent taste (yes taste, not smell) in the back of my nose.
This morning I woke up all blocked up and full of a cold.

Need to be more aware of my own body

There was a moment this morning that I felt a sharp tenderness along my left arm, it was only then that I realised I had felt the same on and off for the last few days. It’s just a bruise (i think), but no idea where it came from.