Spikes through my heart

I was having a conversation with a friend at lunchtime and felt spikes through my heart at several points.

When talking to a friend

ring of flame 200There was a moment today (when a friend was sharing with me) that I felt an expanse open up inside my chest, that felt hollow yet filled with heat.

Being angry

There was a moment when I got really annoyed with someone when i felt a hot. heavy, burning brick in my chest.

After the storm

Yesterday was a really difficult day for me and so today I am depleted of energy and feeling weak. While being with my two best friends and having a normal chat I felt my heart go warm as if slowly filling with a bit more love.

Sharing porridge

This morning a group of us sat around a table for a communal porridge that I had organised. I felt a glow and warmth in my heart to be there.

When someone acknowledged me

There was a moment (When someone acknowledged me) that I had a surge of hot flowing energy from my abdomen through my core that fizzed as it spouted out the top of my head.