Being angry

There was a moment when I got really annoyed with someone when i felt a hot. heavy, burning brick in my chest.

I know it’s cheesy but…

cheese 200pxI feel a slight tension in my bicep as I pushed the knife through the block of off-white cheese with juicy red cranberries. As I lifted the slice to my mouth, it’s sharp scent hits my nostrils. I place the creamy heaven gently on my tongue and it starts to melt as if in slow motion. The sweet berries create tingles on my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

Thinking about loss

There was a moment when I was thinking about my husband (who I am separated from) when I felt a solid, heavy, fizzy sensation in my chest.

Feeling the change…

cool sparkly_150pxI just loaded a new cover photo on one of my facebook pages…

As I clicked save, I felt a slightly cool sparkly sensation across the skin of my upper torso and face followed by a deep settling in my stomach.